$HVG Use Case

This chapter will provide information related to the usage of $HVG in Hellven Gate project

  1. Staking

$HVG holders can earn additional income by staking in various projects supported by the Hellven Metaverse.

  1. NFT Trading

$HVG will be the primary token used in the official NFT trading market. Using $HVG to trade NFT will enjoy lower transaction fees.

  1. Play to Earn

In Hellven's Gate game, $HVG will be used in various game systems such as hero upgrades, skill enhancements, game stores, mystery box sales, and arena rewards.

  1. Liquidity

$HVG holders can use $HVG to increase liquidity in the DEX and earn continuous returns from liquidity supply. Or stake in the officially designated pool to receive continuous staking rewards.

  1. Burn

Hellven Metaverse will implement a limited burn mechanism. In the future, a certain proportion of the profits generated in Hellven's Gate, Hellven Utopia, Hellven Marketplace and other cooperative projects will be permanently burned. The official will announce the amount of burned $HVG monthly. The first-stage burning target is 15% of the total $HVG issuance.

  1. Third-party Cooperation

As the Hellven Metaverse continues to expand, more affiliated projects will apply $HVG to various project scenarios, continuously empowering, locking, and burning $HVG.

  1. Ecological Development Fund

Used for high-quality project incubation investment, market advertising, community airdrops, UGC rewards, stake rewards, public welfare charity, community dividends, etc.

  1. DAO Governance

Every $HVG holder can participate in the governance decision-making of the Hellven Metaverse. They can propose and vote on proposals and also enjoy the dividends brought by the continuous development of the Hellven Metaverse.

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