Status Effects

This chapter will explain the concept different types of status effects that are

incorporated in our skill system

These status effect will not be introduced all at once when the game launched. Instead, we have plan to slowly introduce these mechanics through out the development of the game

These are the list of status effects that the game currently have. Each status will affect the hero in a different way, encouraging players to analyze every single move to be able to overcome obstacles that they might meet in the adventure ahead.

I) Skip Turn

  • Stun: Skip round

  • Freeze: Cant move; however, character still can basic attack if in range. This effect also cancel channeling

  • Fear: Skip round, the target will automaticaly move backward

II) Affect Movement

  • Slow: Reduce Speed

  • Root: Cant move, can cast skills or basic attack

III) Damage Per Turn

  • Burn: Damage per round

  • Poisonous: Damage per round

IV) Affect Hero's Stat

  • Bleed: Will receive extra physical damage when inflicted with Bleed

  • Cursed: Receive extra magic damage when inflicted with Cursed

  • Pierce: Loose all Armor

V) Affect Action

  • Disarm: Can't basic attack, can use skills

  • Silence: Can't use skills, can only basic attack

  • Overload: Casting skill will cost more mana

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