Mining is the first part of the campaign where player can immediately participate after obtaining 3 Heroes. There are multiple chapters, with each chapter contains 10 stages from 1-1 to 1-10 with different stories and NPCs.

On the map, each stage represents a resource point that player need to capture in order to gain reward over time by defeating the NPC garrion that guarding it. The further you go, the higher the resources output but with stronger NPCs. NPC Garrison can vary from 1 to 3 NPCs.

  • Each Resource Points will have 3 difficulties from: Easy, Normal, Hard. Players will have to complete each difficulty one by one. Only when all difficulties are cleared, the next Resource Point is accessible.

  • Each difficulty will have a first pass reward for the player who completed it.

  • Each difficulty will have a different output. The harder, the better the output. Each time a difficulty is cleared, the mine will be upgraded to a new better output

  • NPC in 1 mine will be the same one but with stronger attributes according to the difficulty levels.

After defeating the NPC Garrison for the first time, player will occupy the resource point and it will be marked with a blue flag

There are several aspects that player will need to pay attention after capturing a resource point:

  • Occupied By: Normally Myself but when Snatched, it will display wallet of the Snatcher

  • Capacity (12h): Each RP has a storage limit of 12 hours and players need to log into the game to claim it manually. If the RP is full, the RP will not drop any further resources.

  • Reward per Hour: Resource dropped per hour (server’s time). It will be EXP or HSP

  • Next Reward in: Countdown to the next point the RP will drop its resource

  • Available to Claim: the resource available for the player to manually claim

  • Snatched: The resource that has been claimed by the recent Snatcher. Detail will be in the snatching section. This number will reset every time the RP returns to its original owner

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