Known to be a powerful magic wielder. They said it needs certain talent and a blessing from the Gods to be a great Mage. Since the natural magic wielders discover their gifts from a young age, The Mage path came to birth on Hellven naturally. The Mage may cast magic firepower and are essential in battle as they caught mass destruction on a wide area. Despite their overruling magic use, the Mages have a disadvantage on physical strength and cannot bear physical attack.

The Mage came in high demand after the growth of the Pirate and Rouge class. Back in the ancient times, the Mage were the ones who understand and feel the flow of magic within themselves and reach for it. They have worked with magic closely to help out various assigned tasks in the city from building construction to farming - but no more than that. Some Elder Mage will be responsible for the documentation and the teaching of how to use proper magic for younger ones. However, in chaotic times where everyone needed someone with the ability to attack a wide area to many different kinds of opponents while transferring goods to the other lands. Since then the Mage is entrusted with the duty of occupying businessmen.

Available in: Human, Elf, Undead, Angel

List of Mage's Skills:

Mage is specialized in massive AOE damage and CC (Crowd Control)

Permanent Passive: Always + 10% Spell Amp

  1. Magic Restriction (Passive): -5% Spell Amp for the whole enemy team

  2. Magic Blast (Active): When activate, deal 65 Damage to all enemies in an Area

  3. Magic Missile (Active): When activate, fire a magic missle to 1 target, dealing 30 Damage and inflict Cursed for 1 turn

  4. Frostbite (Active): When activate, inflict Freeze to an enemy for 2 turns, dealing 50 Damage

  5. Freezing Field (Active): When activate, channeling for 1 turn, dealing 60 Damage and inflicting Freeze to all enemies in Self Area for 1 turn

  6. Meteor Shower (Active): When activate, channeling for 1 turn, dealing 40 Damage to all enemies in Self Area and inflicting Burn for 2 turns

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