Skills System

This chapter will show you the overall concept of the the skill systems and how each of these types of skills works

These skill types will not be introduced all at once when the game is launched. Instead, we have plan to slowly introduce these types through out the development of the game

Skills in Hellven Gate is a great tool that a hero and its the player can ultilize to defeat the opponents. Each hero when summoned will be assigned 3 random skills in accordance with 3 skill pools of Race, Class, Sin. The combination of skills is unique and there won't be 2 heroes that have the same skill set, which makes the hero also unique from each other.

These skills can be divided into 3 main types including: Active, Passive, and Channeling.

  • Active: Active skills are skills that require mana to cast and can be casted instantly. Active skills will have a variety of ranges and target types

  • Passive: Passive skills are skills that cannot be casted and doesn't require mana. Passive skills will be devided into 2 smaller sub-categories with description as above

  • Channeling: Similar to active skills; however, channeling skills will require a certain number of rounds to be casted and will be canceled immediately if the caster received any "Skip turn" effect

These skills will generally fall into these 4 target types, which differentiate how a skill interact and affect the target or the battlefield. The list is as follow:

  • Single Target: This type of skills can be casted on both an ally or an enemy or one's self

  • All Team: This type of skills will affect all of the caster's teammate or the whole enemy's team

  • Self Area: This types of skills will affect the area around the caster with the caster as the center

  • Area Target: This types of skill will affect everything in a certain area with the target as the center. The affected area can be in different shapes like Column or Row with the target as the center

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