Phase 1

Staking system is always an essential part of any Metaverse world that rewards players who have contributed to the game. By using their own Genesis NFT for staking, players will guarantee to gain more Genesis NFT Box after a certain period of time.

Genesis NFT Box is divided into 5 levels from 1 to 5, which

In order to participate in Staking, players will have to go to our designated page on our website and complete these steps as follow:

  1. Choose Staking options, which included: 30 days and 60 days

  2. Choose the Genesis NFT that you want to stake and pay GAS to confirm

  3. Based on the rarity of Genesis NFT and the Staking options, a corresponding Box will be allocated to users

  4. After that a certain amount of time, the box can be claimed and opened immediately. Corresponding Genesis NFT can be obtained

  5. After Genesis NFT lock time is over, players can claim it immediately

Below is the detail information related to Staking options and its rewards

Rarity30 days 60 days


Level 1 Box

Level 2 Box


Level 2 Box

Level 3 Box


Level 3 Box

Level 4 Box


Level 4 Box

Level 5 Box

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