Combat Mechanic

This chapter will introduce detailed information about Hellven Gate's combat system and demonstrate the flow of a battle

A combat in Helllven Gate will be devided into ROUND, TURN and PHASE:

  • Round is completed when all 6 heroes on the map finished all of their actions

  • Turn is completed when a single hero has already finished necessary actions

  • Phase is the smallest factor where the player direct their heroes to move, attack or use skills

The maximum number of rounds is 15. After 15 rounds, whichever team has higher total HP will win immediately

The combat will happen as follow:

  • Each player will take turn to direct their heroes. Turn of each player will be highlighted on the avatar of each player on both side of the screen

  • Priority of heroes to perform action will be determined by each individual's Speed. The order of the hero's turn will be display on the top of the screen (battle timeline) from first to last (left to right)

  • Player can also hover on hero's portrait on the battle timeline to check detailed information of each hero

  • Player will either press on the screen (mobile) or use mouse/mouse pad (desktop/laptop) to direct their heroes

  • During movement phase, all moveable area of a hero will be colored in blue

  • During attack phase, Player can only choose one between using basic attacks or skills. The range of basic attack will be colored blue while the range for skill is colored yellow

  • To switch between skill or basic attack, player can simply press ESC or press the x button on top of the icon to cancel what they have selected

  • For skill that can affect area, the area affect will be colored green which signifies that all enemy in that area will be affected

  • Player can hover on the icon of the skill to check information

  • The battle will end when all heroes from 1 side are perished or both players reached 15 rounds. The team with higher health remaining will win

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