$HSP Token

$HSP is the circulating token in the Hellven Metaverse, which can only be generated through gameplay and activities in Hellven's Gate and has no upper limit of supply. It can be exchanged for $HVG governance tokens through the World Furnace system.

Usually, $HSP is mainly used for character enhancement in the game and players can obtain $HSP through various gameplay methods. Enhancing the character's abilities can challenge higher difficulty levels and monsters, and obtain more abundant token rewards.

The consumption scenarios of $HSP in the game include:

1. Character leveling up, hero synthesis, arena challenges, store consumption, treasure box, skill upgrading, etc. Upgrading heroes will make them stronger, with higher rankings and rewards.

2. Purchasing land in the Metaverse, opening stores, upgrading homes and buildings.

3. Used as one of the cooperative tokens in other Hellven Metaverse ecosystem games.

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