Hellven Metaverse is developing in three phases as follow:

  1. Phase 1: Release Genesis NFT and Staking

Genesis NFT is an important digital asset in the Hellven ecosystem and the ticket to enter Hellven virtual social space, which is the first stop to enter the second life. After a round of preparation, the presentation of Genesis NFT will be based on the seven races in the Hellven's Gate game, and players can obtain NFTs of different races by participating in the sale of Genesis NFT. Players can also choose their favorite image in the trading market to enter the Hellven universe and embark on their second life journey.

After the launch of Genesis NFT, the Staking gameplay will be gradually opened. Holders can participate in the subsequent ecological construction and gain $HVG, which is used in game. The detailed gameplay and efficiency of Staking will be explained in future introductions.

  1. Phase 2: GameFi and NFT trading market NFTFi

Hellven's first game will gradually open for internal testing and preparation for launch. Players who own Genesis NFT can enter the game at the first time, participate in internal testing, and obtain limited airdrops and rewards. At the same time, Genesis NFT holders enjoy rich ecological benefits, and in-game benefits are an important part of them. After the game is officially launched, Hellven metaverse has unique storyline and gameplay. By A/B testing, Hellven Studio keeps on enriching the equipment and experience based on players' participation, also increase the playability of blockchain games and balance the Play To Earn model. Land NFT economic system will be added in the future. NFTFi's financial gameplay will be introduced in the self-built NFT asset trading market to improve users' experience in crypto asset trading and investment.

  1. Phase 3: Hellven Utopia Building

Hellven Utopia is for those who want to socialize and relax in the metaverse. It is a 3D digital space based on advanced technology where players can socialize, shop, or just hang out. Merchants can sell goods in their own meta-store or hold brand events to attract metaverse users through NFT rewards and other funny forms. Whether you are a traditional brand or a web3 company, Hellven Utopia will be the best way for merchants to enter the metaverse.

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