Chapter 1: The Human

“Hearsay the lore of the 7 races,

Creatures of God, to Hellven they stay

First is Human, the crowded one

Jack of all trades, master of none

Weak as singular, strong as a whole

Together, we will defeat any foe

Through hardship and through low

We stand as one till the day our eyes closed”

- Tale of the Seven (Human version)

One of the first known species on Hellven was the human race. Humans live in the southeastern part of Hellven, also known as the territory of the Vendora Kingdom. The Kingdom of Vendora is named after the first ruler of mankind, Sir Alexander Vendora - Vendora the Might. In the beginning, humans were scattered throughout the Hellven, constantly fighting for power against each other causing countless casualties - he appeared and submitted to all the tribes/tribes, leading them to develop and build the most prosperous empire in Hellven.

The Vendora dynasty ruled over mankind for thousands of years, during this time. The greatness of the Vendora dynasty comes not only from the excellence of the people of the royal family of Vendora, but also from the rich land in which they reign - blessed by mother nature, the Vendora Empire has a peaceful nature, suitable for agricultural cultivation. Also because of this feature, Vendora Empire - especially Mightfront Citadel has become an important trading center for all 7 races on Hellven.

Mightfront Citadel covers most of the Vendora kingdom. This structure was built to show the strength and unity of mankind for millennia. Dubbed "The Last Refuge of Mankind", Mightfront opens arms to everyone, regardless of background or hierarchy. Mightfront - The Fortress of Mankind is the most iconic image of all architectures in Hellven. As the Fortress of Mankind, this place is capable of sheltering the whole Human race with its surrounding 100 meters high-stone walls. On the wall, every 10 meters is a guard post equipped with powerful artillery to prevent attack from any direction. Behind those walls are sectors full of streets, houses, markets, divided buildings into layers from the outskirts to the main castle. Different amounts of security measures are placed based on the importance of each layer, with the highest security for the main castle, where the royal family lives. Mightfront's presence is both pride and proof of man's incomparable ability because it stood tall in the Battle of Hellven Gate against the onslaught of the Demon King and his army of darkness. Because humans are the only species of the 7 races that do not have natural or magical powers, all they have achieved is through learning, adapting, and being passed down through the generations. Accumulation system for survival in Hellven.

Through thousands of years of survival and development on Hellven, among races endowed with power and magic - humanity has no choice but to use intelligence to calculate and conserve to prepare for any future worst-case scenario. This is what makes humans very good merchants, contributing to the success of the Vendora Empire. Because life is difficult, humans appreciate peace and are willing to do everything to maintain the existence of the race.

Humans are a peace-loving race, and over the years these natural-born merchants have established strong bonds with the different races, remaining flexible and skillful in all cases - though only Orcs, with a warlike and thoughtless nature, always looking for ways to make it difficult for humans.

It seemed that everything would continue like that, until the post-war hellvengate period. those who come back from the battle of Hellven gate change completely, they become greedy, wanting everything. It seems that matter and power are the only things they see. In the royal family of Vendora, battles for power between the Houses began to take place. Among the intelligent mandarins, gradual activities of bribery and buying and selling of rights took place. People suffer because officials abuse their power and exploit them to the extreme. In Mightfront Citadel, commercial activities no longer flourish because of high taxes, the races feel indignant when encountering obstacles in trading activities, often clashing with each other. All of this turns the Mightfront Citadel, “The Humanity's Last Refuge” into a chaotic, lawless, human-loving citadel.

Not only stopping there, humanity's greed is growing, from a peace-loving people, they began to wage war with other races for their own gain, the right to control land and mines, causing chaos throughout the South of Hellven.

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