Phase 2

In the second phase, player now can stake their Genesis NFT to gain HVG instead of Genesis Box. The Staking system will still based on the same basis but with added rules in order to guarantee suitable reward for player who has contributed their times and hero to the game

In order to participate in Staking, players will have to go to our designated page on our website and complete these steps as follow:

  1. Choose Staking options, which included even more options: 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days (these are lock-up time for your Genesis NFT)

  2. Choose the Genesis NFT that you want to stake. Each NFT Genesis now work as a mining machine to provide players with rewards. The longer the lock-up and the rarer the NFT, the higher the output

  3. After Staking successfully, all staked Genesis NFT must meet the lock-up time requirements before they can be claimed again

  4. NFTs will continue to generate income during the lock-up period. After the lock-up period ends, users can claim at any time; if they still maintain the Staking, NFT will continue to generate output

  5. Staking allows repeated staking of multiple NFT Genesis. All locked NFT by users are managed by smart contract

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