To compensate for the lack of speed, the Knights do stand long in battle, and often are known as the masters of defense. Before the war and conflicts, Knights were mostly guarding the citadel of each race. However their advancement did make them great front-line and extremely deadly in combat. Knights have crowded themselves as the defenders of justice and light in Hellven.

Knight is known to be extremely rigid and relentless. They are the shield of the nation, protector of justice. It is a great honor to be a Knight in any race. Knight is requested to take an oath to put the security of the country above themselves, and to keep their dignity strictly. Even though some have questioned their authority, the Knights were given the right to execute those who have wronged their judgment or violate the law. For some races, only the ones who come from noble families can join the force of Knights. Knights can differ when it comes to their duty: but most of them choose to defend the royal family or to protect the castle. Hence, they have devoted their entire life inside the fortress, taken no wives or children, only leaving when in time or war.

List of Knight Skills:

Knight is specialized in high HP and armor survivability

Permanent Passive: Always +17% HP

  1. Unbreakable Will (Passive): If the Knight is under 30% HP, +17% Armor and Damage

  2. Shield Up (Active): When activate, gain Reflect (100% basic attack damage) for 2 turns

  3. Slow but Steady (Active): When activate, -17% Speed to gain +17% Armor for 3 turns

  4. Shield Bass (Active): When activate, deal 40 Damage and inflict Stun to 1 target for 1 turn

  5. Judgement Call (Active): When activate, deal 40 Damage and - 17% Armor of enemy in the Area for 2 turns

  6. Smash (Active): When activate, inflicts Stun to all targets in a Row for 1 turn, dealing 40 Damage

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