Hellven World Introduction

Hellven is a fantasy world filled with mystical races, thrills, adventures and even dangers that waiting for player to discover. As the land "in-between", it belongs to neither God or the Demon King, where spirit will be reanimated with a completely new identity to redeem itself before receving the ultimate judgement

Hellven was not a peaceful place as people imagine. During the Dark Age, the invasion of the Demon King and his legion have brought carnage and havoc to this world. Luckily, with the help of the mysterious Holy Trinity, people of Hellven have successfully pushed back and stopped the onslaught. However, since then, for some unknown reasons, the world of Hellven still fell into chaos with 7 races constantly being hostile to each other and even to their savior - the Holy Trinity, making the life of the citizens even more miserable than before

Once again, against all odds, the Holy Trinity has to rised up in order to find out the truth of what happened and bring peace back to this world .......

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