Chapter 7: The Undead

“Hearsay the lore of the 7 races, Creatures of God, to Hellven they stay Last is Undead, the damned of them all Once living, now they can’t recall Slowly withered, slowly decayed The Undeads isolated themselves away And with every day passed by, they pray To finally rest in peace, these soldiers fall”

Those who survived the Hellven Gate Battle, never truly live again.

For the first time in the history of Hellven - there was something incurable, irreversible, a true disgrace to the life-giving blessing of God. The Demon King thought He should grant Hellven a glimpse of Hell, a touch of his courtesy to His soon-to-be objects.

The Battle of Hellven Gate was a horrifying, yet glorious scene to witness. Magic was sparkling on field, both Good & Bad ones. The encounter of magic was perceived as both fireworks and thunderstorms to mortal eyes. The ancient spell wielders were present, and their marvelous magic talents excited the Demon King. They were desperate to win, enough to wield even the forbidden spells that were never meant to be used. Damage was made to the Force of Darkness, even though the costs were massive to mankind. However they were willing to take those punishments for wielding dark magic, as they had hoped they could win.

He was very pleased with mankind's eagerness. To reward mankind for struggling hard against him, he gifted them the worst of the forbidden spells, the one mankind never knew existed, “The Undead Reincarnation”.

The uttermost torment.

It was a gruesome vision. The Demon King forcefully summoned the ones who have just fallen, only to have them massarade their kind. He crushed hope. He sat back and observed the masterpiece he had just given birth to. The poor souls who had not crossed the bridge heard the call of “The Undead Reincarnation” and came back. Everything they lay hand on would withered. An onslaught was inevitable. Our brothers and sisters, who have lost their lives in battle, having their deformed figure drenched with blood, slowly rose from the dirt. Flow of blood and tears streaming down from the eye sockets, they choke & stab Life out of others. They wail while the living ones howl and gasp for breath. It was horrid. It was Hell.

Yet, mankind won. The Demon King retreated back to his underworld Kingdom, leaving millions of those who He had brought back behind, crying out to be able to rest in peace. “The Undead Reincarnation" holds an everlasting effect on its victims.

They are then named The Undeads. The 7th known Race. These unfortunate ones were only half living, with the repentance of what they have done, it is believed that there is no salvation for them. They have decided to lock themselves away from the rest, mysteriously hidden in an isolated island far beyond mortal reach. No one truly knows where the home of the Undeads is. According to the oldest story tellers, on this island exists a vast graveyard, “The Broken Soul Necropolis”. This carries the greatest desire of The Undeads, a symbol that they one day might join the land of the eternals and find peace.

When you cross a dark alley at night and suddenly come to encounter a mysterious figure, who covered themselves under thick layers of muslin, trying to hide away a rather offending noxious scent, and keep on asking the strangest questions - it is most certainly that you have met an Undead. They have drained from waiting. They linger on, wandering offshore to find a way to reverse their condition, to end this eternal toture. Before, if they were not satisfied with the answers they received, The Undeads would just disappear into thin air.

However, they have become the “living" nightmares, terrorizing the life of all that are truly still alive across Hellven. The ones who cannot answer their questions, were found brutally murdered and consumed. Their methods were mistaken for no others. The mortal part withered with no life force or magic left. The favorable targets of the Undeads appear to be spell wielders.

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