A class of technology and advancement, the Engineer focuses on inflicting damage and status over-time with their gadgets. Unlike Mage with their flashy magic, Engineer is a class designed to control the battlefield and push back any advancement of the enemies. Before the war, they were simply people who fell in love with technology and wanted to create useful inventions to help others. However, it seems like their inventions can do so much more than just mundane tasks.

Engineers on Hellven are known to be the man-of-all-work. They are clever, proficient and efficient with what was given into their hands. Back in the ancient days when people started building villages and cities, it was essential to have those who understand construction and building methods. Hence, the Engineers were fast to become a profession. They helped in daily work of manufacturing and architecture. Later when Hunters started leaving for hunting goods outside of the village, Engineers helped them by building primitive weapons or machinery. They have a good understanding of materials and hidden values of materials. The Steamborg Engineers are an exception, they live their whole life dedicated to the Factory of Tomorrow, creating necessary hardwares that serves the development of the factory itself and also the Steamburg city.

List of Engineer Skills

Engineer is specialized in cheap damage and overloading their opponents with the power of science

Permanent Passive: Always +17% Armor

  1. Homing Missile (Active): When activate, shoot a rocket, dealing 60 Damage to the Area but become Overload for the next 2 turns

  2. Electrical Bomb (Active): When activate, shoot a bomb, dealing 40 Damage in the Area and inflicting Overload but also become Overload for the next 2 turns

  3. Napal Bomb (Active): When activate, launch a napal bomb, dealing 40 damage and inflicts Burn in the Area but also become Overload for the next 2 turns

  4. NUKE (Active): When activate, channeling for 2 turns, to drop a NUKE, dealing 100 damage to an enemy but becomes Overload for 3 turns

  5. Mechanical Shield (Active): When activate, gain +15% Armor and Damage for 3 turns but also become Overload for the next 2 turns

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