$HVG (Hellven Token)

This chapter will provide detailed information related to the concept $HVG or Hellven Token

$HVG (Hellven's Gate token) is the core of Hellven Metaverse's economic system. It reflects the value of the entire ecosystem, including the Hellven's Gate game, the Hellven Utopia, the NFT market Hellven Marketplace, and the value of other affiliate games and DAPPs.

$HVG will be used for incentives, DAO management, project development, game consumption, NFT trading, and project incubation within the Hellven Metaverse ecosystem. As an investor, holding $HVG allows you to enter the Hellven Metaverse economic ecosystem and experience and use various application scenarios.

The total supply of $HVG is fixed at 210 million.

Contract address: TBD

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