This chapter will provide a broad vision of the development process of Hellven Gate project
Below is the plan for the future development of Hellven's game
  • Upgrade the official website of Hellven
  • Release the Whitepaper of Hellven
  • Reveal Hellven Genesis NFT
  • Official release of in-game Hero NFT
  • Open Staking Place feature
  • Launch of Hellven Gate's internal test
  • IDO
  • Launch of DAO Governance
  • Open Metaverse Social Space Internal test
  • Go Live with Hellven Metaverse eco-trade marketplace
  • Official launch of Hellven's Gate Launch of Meta Space SocialFi
  • Launch of Hellven Metaverse eco-governance token pool
  • Open up voting rights for eco-building DAO
  • Open UGC creation channel
  • Launch Metaverse E-commerce business
  • Launch of Social Application and Avatars
  • Formal launch of DAO organization