Chapter 5: The Devil

“Hearsay the lore of the 7 races,

Creatures of God, to Hellven they stay

Fifth is Devil, the trickster of darkness

Fearful to all, hateful by the rest

Skilled with bargain, their victims will fail

Every deal lies a secret, waiting to unveil

The devil is in the detail”

- Tale of the Seven (Devil’s version)

There are 7 known races that exist on Hellven.

And even though most of them are extremely proud of their origins, there is one certain race that differs from the rest. These people do not declare their race title, they were in fact, named by the other 6 races because of their well known anecdotes. The races on Hellven let out an angry cry whenever they speak of “The Devils!”

It is undeniable that each and every race on Hellven holds a distinguished appearance & particular trademark, enough to separate them from the rest. Nonetheless, even though some possess such grace such as The Elf, god-like strength as The Orc, none of them are truly the children of the Gods or the Demon King himself. They were mere mortals before reincarnated once again on Hellven. On the other hand, you could encounter one specific race, whom you might confuse with the force of darkness. Their peculiar embodiment signature stands out from far away, with such a sharp pair of horns on the top of the head & a crimson shade skin. Oh, and they have a talent for trickery. Walked on the surface of Hellven for thousands of years, The Devils have always managed to disguise themselves among other races, seeking for ways to lure them into a setup trap - they have done it rather smoothly, the victims would never see it coming. It is almost impossible to figure out what they have ever wanted from you - but once you’ve learned it, it is often too late.

The Devils are exceptionally famous for the Deal.

Everyone told you that even if the sky falls down, do not shake hands with The Devils. But The Devils oftentimes make an appearance at the most desperate time, and offer a deal you just cannot resist. They take the one thing you cannot give, leaving you broken, shattered and cannot help but curse “You Devils!”.

Why is it useless, trying to win The Devils’ deals?

Because Devils do not thrive for earthly necessity anymore. The whole excitement of setting up a trap, luring the preys, absorbing the despair and horror as the result of their devilish acts - is an addiction to them. It pleases them greatly to see pain and suffer. The Devils just want to see how the world ends. They’ve had everything. Now they want to taste the unimaginable.

Given the description, it is safe to say that The Devils were no ordinary people when alive. They were the elite class, who secretly control the world behind the curtain, those of the top 1%. Little did people know, in order to possess such enormous power & glory, these people would exploit lives and willing to sacrifice even one another to gain for themselves, and only for themselves. These lone wolves are never satisfied, always on the hunt for their next victims.

Castle of Morningstar is the only place in Hellven that you will see the Devils actually get together. Every year, at the exact date, all Devils from across Hellven will travel and meet up at this location to immerse themselves in pleasure. And the castle itself is no ordinary at all. Much like the Devils, the castle was built on a floating platform, restrained by chains from all angles. Amidst the steam of lava coming from below, the castle looks huge, high-class but still gives out a very devilish vibe. However, it doesn’t seem as well-equipped like the Fortress of Mankind or as intimidating as the Hell Pit Colosseum. The thing that happens inside is what really makes it horrifying and no intruders have even survived to tell the story. For all we know, the Devils doesn’t give a second thought of who is coming, they will simply welcome everybody with a creepy smile and let you be devour in pleasure, hence the other name: The Castle of Ecstasy

The Devils were the last race to join during the battle of Hellven Gate. As the lonewolf of Hellven Gate, the last thing they can ever imagine is lending a helping hand to others. They don’t even have pity on the safety of their own kind. However, the Devils soon realized those Demons coming from the Underworld are no fun and games. If the whole population of Hellven is wiped out completely, there will be no victim left for them to torture anymore. That’s when they reluctantly use their power not to protect this world, but to protect their own entertainment tools. What they didn’t know is that this battle will change them forever. Soon after it’s over, the Devils began to feel an insatiable urge, an itch that cannot be scratched with what they have been doing for many years. So the Devils do what they do the best, bring it to the next levels across Hellven.

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