Greed, the insidious Sin. Like his brother, Gluttony, Greed represents the uncontrollable longing in the acquisition of material gain for personal survival, creating inequity and dispute among any individual

List of Greed's Skills:

  1. Blinded by Materials (Passive): Basic attack has 17% chance to inflict 70% Blind for 1 turn

  2. Asininity (Active): When activate, -10% Armor and +15% Damage for 2 turns

  3. Imbecile (Active): When activate, deal 50 Damage, -10% Armor of all enemies in Self Area and -5% Armor of itself for 2 turns

  4. Eternal Greed (Active): When activate, -5% Damage to -15% Damage of all enemies

  5. Misfortune (Passive): -10% Strength of all enemies

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