Get to know the neccesary mechanic to survive in Hellven Gate

This chapter will explain precisely about how the you will experience the game and all necessary concepts related to Hellven Gate

Understanding these concepts beforehand are beneficial for the player as they will get used to the game quicker than others

Hellven Gate is a 3v3 turn-based tactic game where each player takes turn to guide their heroes to victory by utilizing their heroes' skills and taking advantages of even the smallest mistakes of the enemy. Taking inspiration from old traditional beloved tactic games like Final Fantasy Tactic, Heroes 3 or Legend of Kingdom Rush, Hellven Gate was created with the aim to combine a true strategic experience with the Block-chain technology, allowing players to fully experience the best of both world

Player will participate in Hellven Gate as the Holy Trinity, traveling across Hellven to unfold the hidden secret and bring peace to this world. During this journey players can constantly adjust their line up, level up their heroes, find valuable equipments and even upgrade them to empower each character

There are many layers of experience in this game from learning the story through Campaign to improving your tatical skills through intense Ranking or Tournament battles. Each layers will create different challenges, allowing players to explore and experiment different mechanics that suit them the most.

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