Chapter 6: The Steamborg

“Hearsay the lore of the 7 races,

Creatures of God, to Hellven they stay

Steamborg is next, found themselves imperfect

Tinkering with machine, they feel strong connect

Bit by bit, they slowly replace

From an outcast person, now they are finally perfect

In the name of science, the Steamborgs embrace

Better, faster, stronger is the only way for all races”

- Tale of the Seven (Steamborg version)

Before the Hellven Gate Battle, there were 5 known races: Human, Elf, Orc, Angel & Devil. However, the chain of life on Hellven shifted to another direction, as a consequence of the invasion by the Demon King himself. Arisen from the dust of war are the Undeads and the Steamborg.

It is believed that previously, they were only mere Humans. During the war, they devoted their life and fought fiercely, they would sacrifice their whole for the peace of this land - as for the future of their children. Although they have claimed victory against the Force of Darkness, the unfortunate ones bear a great deal of catastrophe. It was a miracle for some to be alive with such damage to be made on a mere mortal figure.

Oh, how they wish that they could have died instead.

They were not honored as Heroes. Slowly, they were forgotten and casted aside. They were alive, indeed - but they were no longer “Humans” by all means and definition. Who would have the needs of those who cannot even serve themselves. Wounded, pained, and ineffectual. Many thought that these people would vanish soon enough. Yet, in the midst of desperation, a new Race was born. The wounded ones have found a way to crawl back to life again. With the help of technology advancement, they have replaced the lost parts of their bodies with mechanical items & tools.

It made them feel Human again. In fact, it made them feel better than they ever were, as Humans before. Why stop at being Human, when you can be more than that? Something above them. Why run when you can fly? Why fight with hands when you can shoot? Why follow when you can actually lead?

Driven by this obsessive motion, these people started a cult, and spent years studying the art of cybernetic and biomechatronic. They were first known as the Steamers, defining themselves as the people of the new century, of science and development - of those who are not bound to the life of mere mortal and confined mortal parts. The idea of “Thy might not be able to choose how you were born, yet might be able to choose how you are made” slowly spread across the Vendora Empire.

There was absolutely no limitation to the Steamers. First started with equipping the lost parts of the body to sustain daily lives, they have now moved on to eliminating the natural God-given lifeform bit by bit to be “the better Humans”. Hence, the other 5 Races were not exactly pleased with the rise of these Steamers. This threatened their authenticity and possensionship over Hellven.

When they thought that they were ready, the Steamers planned a coup d’Etat to overthrow the Vendora Dynasty. Nonetheless, with the secret assistance of the other races, the coup did not come to success & they were executed. However, not all of them were captured. They have learnt to survive once, they will do it again. Filled with hatred in their hearts, the survivors of the Steamers vowed to build a paradise of their own - to birth a superior race than Humans. They have announced themselves as Steamborg - the next generation of Steamers. Their sole purpose of existence is “To Keep Evolving”.

Despite the interference by the other races, the Steamborgs are insuppressible. They have become the 7th Race of Hellven, live in the city of Steamburg and proudly present their greatest creation: Ivory - The Factory of Tomorrow. The landmark itself is the epitome of advancement, where the production and experiment proceed days and nights. Ivory was made to be a steampunk complex with various sections serving different purposes. Guarded with only the most outstandingly war-made steamborgs, guarantee to discourage even the wrath of an Orc on its way.

Even though having drawn blood with Humans, the products of Steamborgs hold high value on their market. The enthusiasm of the black market with steamborgs’ weapons, armors and tools are undeniable, which inspire hundreds of thieves in the factories of Steamburg.

Drowned in fear of loss and being casted out, having to fight to survive again and again - the Steamborgs firmly believe that the only choice for them is to live without a care for the other races and to be the most evolved race of Hellven, even if it means to take unethical acts against who stands in their way.

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