Chapter 4: The Angel

“Hearsay the lore of the 7 races,

Creatures of God, to Hellven they stay

Angel is fourth, the holy and might

Living in the sky, their glory shines

Symbol of grace, kindness and light

Feud with the Devil, from above they despite

Forever worshiped, as the creature of divine”

- Tale of the Seven (Angel’s version)

The grace that the Angels have blessed on Hellven with their presences almost bewildered the mortal eyes. To the rest, the Angels were an almighty race. They are not even quite certain if the Angels were to be considered a race - alongside with them, or were The Angels supposed to be crowned as one of the above. They were indeed exquisite and angelic, but hold a distinguished aura with the elegance of The Elf. Those who have been in the presence of an Angel, said they were both dazed and afraid. They cannot turn away from the face of an Angel, but cannot bring themselves to look at them in the eyes either.

The Angels were one of the most ancient ones. They have claimed to be the worthy ones to rule Hellven, but they chose not to - and they proclaimed themselves to be the representatives of God. The Angels to mortals are the symbol of grace, kindness and affection. The Angels demand to be worshiped. They demand to be bowed at & to be served with respect from the other races. Many have listened to their preach & worship them the way they would have worship God, or even beyond that level.

Yet, what true God would demand to be called a God?

Let this humble storyteller tell you that The Angels are just merely a race - like the rest. They are to walk on Hellven because they have a purpose, not to rule. When alive, you have met these people. The narcissists, egocentric, wrapped up in the delusion vision of themselves. The ones who have caused misery, taken form under discrimination, inequity & prejustice. It is in their talent to manipulate situations to their favor regardless of scale. They have created false dreams and twisted the image you have of them. You do things for them. You protect them. You give them your all.

And so they say The Angels & The Devils are just two sides of one coin. However, while The Devils just want to see the world burn, The Angels would love to see the world at their knees.

The Angels reside in Ascend. It was depicted as a home for the children of God. The city floats above the sky, pampered by the most vibrant clouds. Pearls, feathers & glorious stones were carved on every wall of Ascend. In the center of Ascend, stand the magnificent Angelica - The Sanctum of Light. This is where the strongest Angels gather.

Nonetheless, The Angels have taught mortals that Ascend is where their souls would be after death, but only if they were good in their lifetime. And if they have spent their entire life worshiping and serving The Angels devotely, they would have a chance to be at Angelica. Everyday when the sun rises, the believers would look up to the sky, and stare at the land of the holy - Ascend. The city glowing with a tray of sunlight, shines with glorious chroma. Mortals thought it was Heaven itself.

Nevertheless, The Angels - “God” of mankind were not there when their believers needed them the very most. When the Demon King roamed Hellven and the others cried for The Angels, they remained silent. The Angels only participated in the war when they were invaded. And it was in fact, far too late. Only when the Force of Darkness have crawled their filthy feet on Ascend that people learn their city is not entirely unreachable. The Angels fought back and rode minions out of the holy land, but mortals have realized the truth.

Ever since the Battle of Hellven Gate, the position The Angels hold in the heart of other races’ changed drastically. They have lost their diluted crown. No one would have worshiped The Angels, temples were torn down, statues were destroyed, bridges were to be built to Ascend. This is a disgrace to The Angels. This defiled them. They must take back what was supposed to be theirs by all means.

And they succeed.

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