This chapter will briefly introduce about another important aspect of the game: Weapon and Equipments

Noted that weapon and equipments are subtle to changes due to balancing purpose

As you explore the world, you'll encounter various enemies, each with their unique strengths and weaknesses. To overcome these challenges, you'll need to equip your hero with equipment that enhance their abilities and provide them with the necessary tools to succeed.

In our game, equipment are an essential aspect of your hero's progression. As you defeat enemies and complete quests, you'll earn treasure chest that rewards your hero's gear. There are various types of equipment available, each with its unique set of stats and attributes.

In the 1st Phase, weapon and equipment will be in-game only. After that, they can be NFT

Equipment Types

There are several types of equipment, which can be found in different shapes and forms including:

  • Weapon

  • Armor

  • Boots

  • Necklace

  • Coat

  • Gloves

Players can mix & match all this equipment together as they like. Traits has no impact on equipments.

There is a “special” type of equipment which is “Default Equipments”. They are the default set of equipment that come with the NFT and will always stick to the NFT. They cannot be unequipped, cannot be enhanced, upgraded or decomposed. All default items are Common.

“Default Equipments” need repair but can be repaired forever, no limitation.

Equipment Rarities

Equipment will have 4 rarity, similar to Heroes including: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary. Each rarity will affect the amount of stat it provides and also other characteristics of the equipment as follow:

  • Common: Has 1 line of stat. Can be enhanced to lvl 10, can be decomposed, doesn’t support trading

  • Rare: Has 2 lines of stat. Can be enhanced to lvl 30, can be decomposed, doesn’t support trading

  • Epic: Has 3 lines of stat. Can be enhanced to lvl 50, can be decomposed, support trading (NFT) when durability is full

  • Legendary: Has 4 lines of stat. Can be enhanced to lvl 60, can be decomposed, support trading (NFT) when durability is full

For the 1st phase, we intend to support all the basic sets + weapons that come with the NFT. Since it’s the basic sets, we intend to have them all as Common. Higher rarity set + weapons need extra work (drawing + logic) and shall be done later once the basic equipment system is finished. Currently there are 120 armor sets + 9 basic weapons.

Equipment Stats

In term of gameplay, we plan to have equipment have effects on these attributes:

  • Damage

  • HP

  • Armor

  • Magic Reduction

  • Speed

  • Mana

  • Mana Regen

  • Spell Amplification

  • Crit Damage

  • Crit Rate

  • Attack Range (weapon only)

Individual items will have attributes, a complete set will have bonus attributes, some higher rarity/lvl sets will have special attributes.

Equipment Durability

Every Equipment has its own durability based on the rarity of that equipment as follow:

  • Common: 100 durability

  • Rare: 200 durability

  • Epic: 800 durability

  • Legendary: 2000 durability

Durability will work as follow:

  • Except for Mining and Training Ground, all activities in-game will consume Equipmen's Durability

  • Each item has 100 durability by default, 2 points will be deducted for each battle

  • When the durability drops to 0, the player will be prompted to repair it

  • When the equipment durability is 0, the equipment attributes will not take effect .

  • The equipment can be repaired using HSP

  • Equipment can be repaired for unlimited amount of time. The higher the rarity of the equipment, the greater the durability, and repair only costs HSP. Epic and legendary equipment has high durability, repair cost is huge. Even more than the value of casting a brand new legendary equipment

  • Equipment must be in full durability to be able to sold as NFT

There are many more things player can do with their in-game equipment. Details information can be found in each section below:


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