Genesis NFT Ultilities

  1. The PASS of Hellven Metaverse, with unlimited access to all games within Hellven Metaverse and the ability to generate their own characters in the first game: Hellven's Gate.

We plan to develop a game matrix consisting of various types of blockchain games. NFT holders will be able to access all games in the game matrix and earn additional income from playing these games. In the game Hellven’s Gate, Genesis NFT holders can participate in generating in-game characters through token staking and participating in stakingto share profits. Our vision is to create a strong community. Hero NFT holders can choose to join the Hellven global community. Each member can vote or submit proposals on development, investment, and partnership relations. Holders will also share utilities, such as participating in exclusive events and receiving $HVG rewards.

  1. NFT staking, lending, and trading on the market

The market aims to allow holders to appreciate the value of their NFTs and game assets through staking, lending, and trading.

  1. $HVG token incentive system

Earn $HVG through:

  1. Dividends from Hellven Metaverse earnings

The income of the Hellven Metaverse ecosystem includes transaction fees and franchise fees, which will be distributed to all NFT holders.

Along with the development of Hellven Metaverse ecosystem and Hellven Utopia, the application value of Hellven Genesis NFT will further increase. Holding Genesis NFTs will allow for continued participation in and earnings from the overall ecosystem profits and various application products.

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