We believe that the metaverse should be an inclusive, open ecosystem, not only another version of a walled garden. In the metaverse, the impact of the Avatar ecosystem will be greater. Therefore, we will provide a range of tools that enable people to unleash their creativity and potential, and create their own digital Avatar in Hellven Utopia. In the foreseeable future, we will also launch more features and provide more tools that allow people not only to create freely and have control over their digital identity, but also to earn income from their creative efforts, such as selling their self-made digital Avatar to other users.

In Hellven Utopia, the potential of NFTs goes beyond that. Just as we like to decorate our homes with various things in the real world, in Hellven Utopia, users can also decorate their rooms with unique NFT collectibles. We will design a series of NFTs and distribute these exquisite NFT artworks to Hellven Utopia's loyal users through airdrops and mint events. At the same time, we will also support the display of some existing blue-chip NFTs. Imagine one day in the future, you and your friends are chatting in a virtual room in Hellven Utopia, with your newly purchased BAYC hanging on the wall and the background music being a music NFT from an artist you just bought.

For those talented NFT artists, they can of course design their own NFT artworks using our tools and earn legitimate income from them. In addition, we will also establish a crypto art gallery in Hellven Utopia to provide a platform for these artists to showcase their works. The traditional Internet is just a simple web page, but in the metaverse, we will see the rapid development of shared virtual spaces. Collectors can establish their own virtual galleries in Hellven Utopia and share their created or collected NFTs with visitors from all over the world.

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