10 Classes

This chapter will introduce the second attribute of every NFT Hero: Class and how each of them is different from each others

Class's skills will be unlocked later through out the development process of the game

Class is one of 4 components that make each player unique from each other. Each class will have their own set of skills that excel others and highlight the characteristics of that class. A hero will be assigned a random class when summoned

List of available classes in the game:

  • Hunter: Long range skill and high dps

  • Knight: High HP and armor for survivability

  • Mage: Massive AOE damage for those who prefer strategic gameplay.

  • Engineer: Focus on inflicting damage overtime and status

  • Monk: High melee physical damage

  • Shaman: Focus on dealing damage and effects on single target

  • Rouge: Flexible class who can fit in any role

  • Pirate: AOE physical damage and brute force

  • Druid: Focus on dealing AOE damage and effects

  • Priest: Support class with healing and some aoe damage spells

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