7 Sins

This chapter will introduce about the third attribute of every NFT Hero: Sin, which is heavily inspired by the game's story. Each Sin will have a list of skills that emphasize on its characteristics

Sin's skills will be locked at first and can be unlocked later on as the story progresses

7 Sins or 7 Generals of the Demon King were born from his flesh during the combat of the Hellven Gate. They were created with one and one sole reason only is to trigger the darkest sides of every citizen of Hellven, creating chaos for their King to reign on this land one more time

The design of this system is to create an emphasize on the tatic and the storyline of this game. As the Sin slowly infiltrate the Heroes of Hellven, it will have both positive and negative impacts on each heroes, along side with other factors, creating unique play style and strategy that will require a lot of calculation from players to build the perfect team comp

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