Hellven – the land of live nor death, a world “in-between”, an equilibrium between Heaven and Hell is a legend that has been passed down in folk lore through generations. Legend has it that every time a person dies, their soul will be reanimated in Hellven to serve for their deeds when they are still alive before receiving the ultimate judgement, a trial that allows them to go to Heaven to be reborn or being throw down to Hell for eternal torture. No one knows how long Hellven has existed

Time flies by, Hellven was in peace until 1000 years ago, when everything changed forever

One day, an enormous gate emerged from below. It was unimaginable. The gate was so big that it felt like a giant black hole, sucking all sign of life inside. A demonic aura slowly emitted through the gates, giving a chill to the spine of the bravest soldier. There was something weird about it, like it was prepared for something big, something terrifying about to come

Turn out, it was a full fledged invasion with the appearance of the Demon King himself. Blood shed like river, fire and smoke darken the sky and cry of lament drowned out everything. Like a wild fire, the whole world quickly engulfed in flames and deaths. Wherever they went, there was only carnage.

When the fate of Hellven was almost decided, a miracle happened. Three mysterious heroes arose amidst the chaos, leading all races of Hellven to retaliate against the legion of Darkness

Unprepared for the fierce resistance of Hellven, the Demon King and his legion was forced to retreat. The gate was successfully sealed. However, peace was not returned on Hellven as people expected. Joy soon perished as soon as 7 races became hostile against each other, raising war and chaos across Hellven while hunting down the 3 mysterious heroes. For all they know, they were saviors but now, they are the enemy of mankind

What casted a shadow upon Hellven? Why did the people turn against each other and their own saviors? Who is the mastermind behind this outrageous betrayal?

Our 3 heroes decided to set path on a journey to investigate what has happened and bring back peace to Hellven once and for all.

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