Snatching is the second part of Campaign and it's the most fun and competitive part. The whole idea revolve around snatching is players can rob or hijack other players resource points, leading into a strategic game between attacking and defending your own.

Players can search for other players Resource Points to occupy and earn the resources. Click on the previously already cleared RP to see the Search box.

There are 5 Free searches per day, and subsequent searches will require a fee in $HSP. The higher the Resource Points, the higher the fee. Search can return 0 results, and fee only deducted if more than 1 result was returned. You can re-search for every 2 seconds for 15 seconds.

Occupied mines will not be shown in the result. Players who has 3 Resource Points occupied by other - the maximum number - will also not show up in the Search result

At the result page, players will have 30s to act: Battle, Reroll (Search Again) and it will require the same fee if there are more than 1 results or Do nothing.

If the player choose to Battle, Snatching battle will happen between Mining Line up and the Enemy's Garrison Line up. If the player doesn’t have a mining line up, he is not allowed to search. If other player doesn’t have a Garrison Line up, NPC battle will be triggered. All snatching battle will not deduct Heroe's Age

There are several aspects that players need to pay attention when Snatching:

  • When snatched, there will be a red flag on top of the Resource Points

  • The upper limit of personal Resource Points being robbed: 3

  • The maximum limit of Resource Points that a player can capture is 10. At the begining, 1 slot will be opened for free and other can be purchased with $HSP or $HVG. Fee increases by each slot.

  • After robbing a resource point, the unclaimed resources of the resource point can be claimed immediately by the robbed person.

  • The maximum possession time of the looted resource point is 12 hours. Lost when time runs out or is reclaimed. When the time runs out, the resource points will automatically return to the original player, and the unclaimed resources will remain in the resource points

  • 1 player cannot occupy another player more than 1 RP

  • Resources in the Resource Points will have to be claimed manually as usual

In order to mange Resource Points, player can acesss Snatching Dashboard to see detail information about Snatching or Snatched Resource Points

In this dashboard, player can choose to Claim resources from Resource Points, Give Up or Unlock new Slot

On contrary, in the Snatched dashboard, player can choose to reclaim Resource Points that have been Snatched by other players

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