Welcome to the upgrade equipment system, a crucial feature of many games that allow players to improve the effectiveness of their equipment.

Upgrading equipment is an essential part of the game progression, and it involves spending resources like $HVG and Essence to improve the stats of the equipment, such as attack power, defense, or durability. The result of upgrading equipment is equipment with higher rarity and better quality

Overall, the upgrade equipment system is a valuable tool that allows players to improve their gameplay experience and progress further in the game. By upgrading their equipment, players can increase their chances of success in battles and overcome difficult challenges in the Hellven world

When an item is upgraded, the enhance level will be retained while the durability of that equipment will be restored to 100%

There is no success rate for upgrade, it is always 100%

However, there is certain requirement for an equipment to become upgradable:

RarityEnhance Level Requirement

Common -> Rare


Rare -> Epic


Epic -> Legendary


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