Rogue is like a Swiss pocket knife. From initiating with their stealth, employing a finishing move on a low health target, poisoning their dagger for a slow death or even disrupt the battlefield with their smoke bomb, the rouge can do whatever you need or want. During the peacetime, the Rouge is often utilized as a deadly force to protect everybody in the shadow or even complete dirty tasks as their master wished.

The Assassin of Hellven. This profession came in last in the establishment of classes in Hellven. They took great joy in vicious work and aim to make a “masterpiece” from their victims. It is almost impossible to understand them or to reason with them. At first, they were to ambush carts and group of people who travel between cities for trading to steal from them, yet their skills got sharpened and deadlier through time that they were more capable of taking on wrongful jobs such as murder, blackmailing or kidnapping. Their group location is to be hidden strictly, they shelter the ones who work in the shadows and they take no masters - just mainly complete lawless deals and orders from outsider worlds.

List of Rouge's Skills:

Rouge is specialized in disrupting enemies and create chaos during combat

Permanent Passive: Always +17% CRIT CHANCE

  1. Back Stab (Passive): +17% Crit Chance

  2. The Way of Ninja (Passive): +17% Dodge

  3. Poisonous Dagger (Passive): Basic attack has 17% chance to inflict Poisonous for 1 turn

  4. Haste (Active): When activate, +17% Speed for all allies for 2 turns

  5. Master of Disguise (Buff): When activated, gain Invisibility for 1 turn

  6. Smoke screen (Active): When activate, -15% Accuracy and Crit Chance of enemies in Self Arealf

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