Hellven’s vision is to create a truly open, free and trustworthy business platform for creators.

Everyone experiences ups and downs in life. It's just the way things are. Whether we overcome them or not, the feeling of being trapped persists like a ghost. We never know when the next low point will come, and we're all prisoners of our own minds, trapped in quicksand. Perhaps each person's lifetime in the real world is a journey from heaven to hell. Because we're born into this world, which is both cruel and beautiful. Everything, every single thing, exists based on the existence of the mind, like a dilemma.

This is our vision and proposal for the world of cryptocurrency and its future: If there was a way to open the cage, would you be willing to try it?

This is the initial idea and starting point of Hellven Metaverse: "What if we have a second chance to become the protagonist of our own story?"

We believe that everyone deserves a chance to redefine themselves, regardless of how many ups and downs they've experienced in real life. We hope that in Hellven Metaverse, this digital world, you'll find inspiration and start your second life.

So Hellven Studio strives to create a brand new digital world for gamers, where players can have a second chance to be the main character of their own story. Here, you can explore new digital worlds, make new friends, create your own digital assets, and explore and build this digital world with other users. We hope that in Hellven Metaverse, you can break free from the limitations and constraints of real life and become the main character of your own story.

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