Chapter 2: The Elf

“Hearsay the lore of the 7 races,

Creatures of God, to Hellven they stay

Elf is second, charming and fun

Under the moonlight, they craft and hunt

Mediocre is what they shun

Perfectionist, they are the one

Magic at heart, duelist on battlefield

Speed is friend, elegance they wield”

- Tale of the Seven (Elf version)

What's worse than death? For those who spend their whole lives in pursuit of perfection, and supreme delicacy - It is the unfinished work, the left-behind masterpiece, and the uncompleted piece of fine art. These souls crave for a place where they get to craft a perfectly elegant world, the place they have not had a chance to build when they were still alive. As fate would have it, these souls once again reincarnated on Hellven under a different identity, carrying within them all the burning desires to forge only the best-of-them-all, they are the Elf.

It is undeniable that the Elf possess charming faces, exceptional postures & radiate an aura of utmost grace. Moreover, the Elf is said to live a very long life & they cease to age after full-grown. When reincarnated into Hellven again, each individual of the Elf conveys the same refined expedites as before. The Elf values elegance, natural balance, knowledge & mastery craftsmanship. All of these excellencies are present in the Elf's daily life, way of fighting and kingdom building. Because of theỉr deep connection to nature, the Elf have exceptional ability to perceive and learn how to control magic. It is said that defeating an Elf with their lightning speed in duel combat is harder than climbing Mount Enna.

With such peculiarity, the Elf established a distinct, significant and somewhat draconian hierarchy within their society. Hence, each individual must constantly compete fiercely to prove themselves in various artistic categories, in order to be recognized, and earn a worthy title in this exclusive community. Noble or Royal Elves have great influence over the Elf high society. Most importantly, only the Royal Elves earn the privilege to leave a mark, to craft a masterpiece in the sacred Eryas Palace as a testament to the individual's attainment of perfection.

Eryas Palace is the pride, the highest form of spiritual destination, the ultimate definition of “Perfection” for every Elf. Hiding itself deep within the magical forest of the Qadel Kingdom - Eryas Palace is believed to be one of the most majestic wonders to ever exist on Hellven. The Entire Palace was forged of white marble, inlaid with magnificent gold and jade, only the rarest materials that could be found in the land of Elf was carved on the wall of Eryas Palace. By the gifted hands of the most talented craftsmen to challenge the ideology of balancing between man-made architecture and Mother Nature - Eryas Palace abides like fine art, successfully capturing the beauty and perfectly balance.

The elves rarely interact with other races, even noble or royal elves do not communicate with even elves who are not members of high society as they spend all of their time pursuing perfection and have very strict rules of life. As a result, elves do not marry outsiders in comparison to other races to protect their pure bloodline. They consider Orc and Undead are the abomination of creation and will be extremely rampant if confronted directly. The exquisite products of the elves' master of craftsmanship, on the other hand, are very welcome on the market, so the elves have a good relationship with the Human - the natural born traders and often do business from time to time.

In order to protect Quaidel and the legacies of the elves themselves, during the Battle of Hellven Gate - they reluctantly allied with the rest of the races to repel the invasion of the Demon King. However, just like the humans, there seemed to be something weird, something amplified within each individual. Competition among elves became more fierce and brutal as inhabitants tried to find higher positions in society. The voice of the noble elves was no longer absolute. They start using all sorts of dirty tricks to erase their opponents in order to get where they want to be. The relationship between the elves and the rest of the races also rapidly deteriorated, calling themselves the "superior race", the "True owner of Hellven". In their eyes, the rest of Hellven is weak and inferior, contaminating the beauty of this world.

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