This chapter will introduce another system that allows player to gain even more valuable reward

Achivement is another system that players can focus on to get more rewards to level-up your heroes. In order to receive an achivement, players need to complete or reach a certain goal to collect all the rewards

As said above, players will need to spend time playing the game to complete or reach a certain goal in order to claim the reward. The harder the achivement, the bigger the rewad. Everytime you completed an achievement, it will be gone forever.

List of Achievements:

  1. Adventure Awaits: Complete your first LVL map

  2. Forging Ahead: Craft your first item

  3. Necessary Improvement: Enhance your item for the first time

  4. A Hero Was Born: Win against the World Boss for the 1st time

  5. A New Challenger Arise: Win your 1st Rank battle

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