Rank is the perfect option for player to horn your skills and grind your characters

Rank is a system that sorts players based on a match-making and ranking system. The goal is to create groups of players with the same standards of skills in order to get battles with great quality. The Ranking also helps others recognize top player's achievements

The amount of rewards you earn from winning in Rank Mode depends on your matchmaking ranking or Rank Point. The higher your Rank Point and Tier, the more you are rewarded with at the end of the season

Players rank will be based on a number - rank point, which will + or - base the win/loss of matches. Based on this point, players will be put into a dual classification:

  • 1st classification (Big Rank): Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Diamond & Grandmaster

  • 2nd classification (Small Rank): Within each rank, players will be divided into 3 smaller segments: 1, 2 & 3 For example: In Bronze, there are Bronze 3, Bronze 2, Bronze 1 in which Bronze 3 is the lowest.

As a player first time participate in Rank, they will have to complete 5 calibration matches before receiving their true Rank Point and Tier

All new accounts without any rank will receive an initial Rank points based on his NFT levels line up of the 1st match. His NFT lineup level = Roundown(Avg NFT levels of all 3 heroes):

  • NFT lineup level <= 20: 200 (Bronze 1)

  • 20 < NFT lineup level <= 30: 600 (Silver 2)

  • 30 < NFT lineup level <= 40: 1400 (Gold 2)

  • 40 < NFT lineup level: 2500 (Platinum 2) - highest for an initial Rank points

Calibration matches will yield Triple normal points, both winning or losing

Later, when queue in Rank, they will be matched based on their Rank Tier and Rank Point to find the most suitable opponents. However, if the system cannot find the right opponents in their calibration, it will continuously extend the range to search for other players

To improve your Rank Tier, a player will need to participate in Rank matches and win battles to accumulate enough Rank Points to reach the next tier.

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