Idiotic and chaos are what the Pirate aims for. This class is the most fun class in Hellven due to their ability to completely shatter the enemy team with their huge physical damage and brute force. Anywhere the Pirate appears, havoc will certainly follow after. No matter at war or at peace, the nature of Pirate will always stay the same: To watch everything go BOOM!

Pirate is the outlaw on Hellven, but they are also the most challenging and the most exciting class. Regardless of which races they have come from, a Pirate lives in exile and always on the run. They formed a distinct group of those who have escaped the execution of the Knights, or those who have driven away because of wrongful accusation. Some says they are after money because of dark impulse, as of their work in ambushing, bribery and murder. The Pirate represents the image of the bad side world when being pushed to the limit.

Available in: Devil, Orc, Human, Pirate, Undead

List of Pirate's Skills

Pirate is specialized in huge single/AOE target damage and bruce force

Permanent Passive: Always +17% CRIT DMG

  1. Cannon Strike (Active): When activate, fire a huge cannon to deal 70 Damage for 1 target and inflict Panic but will be Disarm for 1 turn

  2. Cannon Bazooka (Active): When activate, the Pirate will deal 60 Damage to all enemies in the area but also become Disarm for 1 turn

  3. Battleship Strike (Active): When activate, channeling for 1 turn, deal 60 massive Damage in a Column but also become Disarm for 2 turns

  4. Yo Ho Ho (Buff): When activate, grant +15% Damage, Armor and Accuracy for 4 turns but also become Disarm for the next 2 turns

  5. Cannon Barrage (Active): When activate, fire a series of cannon to deal 50 Damage in a Row and inflict Burn for 2 turns but become Disarm for the next 2 turns

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