Tale of the Seven

“Hearsay the lore of the 7 races,

Creatures of God, to Hellven they stay

First is Human, the crowded one

Jack of all trades, master of none

Elf is second, charming and fun

Under the moonlight, they craft and hunt

Orc is orc, the brawl over brain

With muscle so strong and mouth always complain

Angel is fourth, the holy and might

Living in the sky, their glory shines

Fifth is Devil, the trickster of darkness

Fearful to all, hateful by the rest

Steamborg is next, found themselves imperfect

Tinkering with machine, they feel strong connect

Last is Undead, the damned of them all

Once living, now they can’t recall

Together, the creatures beneath all

Under one GOD, the one who foresee all”

- Tales of the Seven

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