Incredibly fast. The Hunters possess a talent to disguise themselves into nature. They are also quite dangerous in combat. With their high mobility, they can evade or restrain their foes to control the arena of battle. The profession was first established in Hellven in order to provide food for the people. However, after war takes place upon Hellven, Hunters have demonstrated their extraordinary skills and are perceived as an extreme threat in battles.

Hunter serves as the provider of resources, regarding both food, merchandise and information. This class is the first class that came to be established on Hellven due to the needs of the people. While the Elf is naturally born for hunting and the mystical forest surrounding Quaidel have shaped them into excellent Hunters - the other race' Hunters have trained to be great at various skills such as scouting, studying the environment or the art of disguise. Hunters are adventurous and often spend their livelihood freely outside of the cities, searching for treasures. The race's prosperity is heavily dependent on the Hunter. Hunters have a good relationship with most other classes, except for Pirate and Rouge - given their characteristic as a provider.

Available in: Elf, Human, Orc, Devil, Steamborg

List of Hunter's Skills:

Hunter is specialized in long range skills and high dps

Permenant Passive: Always +17% Accuracy

  1. Piercing Shot (Passive): 17% basic attack will inflict Pierce for 1 turn

  2. Shackle Shot (Active): When activate, deal 40 Damage and inflict Stun in a Row for 1 turn

  3. Arrow Rain (Active): When activate, deal 40 Damage and inflict Bleed in an Area for 1 turn

  4. Eagle Eyes (Active): When activate, grant the whole team +17% Accuracy and Crit Chance for 3 turns

  5. Hunter of the Night (Active): When activate, grant Invisibility for an ally for 1 turn

  6. Aimshot (Active): When activate, channeling for 1 turn and deal 100 damage to 1 target

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