Dungeone is a PvE game mode where players play against NPC to get rewards in HSP, Equipments, etc.

There will be different types of dungeons, based on the rewards:

  1. HSP Dungeon

  2. Weapon Dungeon

  3. Equipment Dungeon

In the 1st phase there will be 1 type: HSP Dungeon. Players can adjust the Lineup to play the challenges

Each dungeon will only have 1 NPC that guards the valuable rewards inside the dungeon. However, there are a total of 10 levels to with increasing difficulty and power as the NPC also grow stronger and stronger. In order to collect all rewards, players will have to defeat all 10 dungeon guardians. The higher the difficulty level is, the bigger the rewards are. Players can only attempt a higher difficulty level by clearing the previous one.

Each difficulty level will have a different Hero level requirement, which will be the minimum level for the Heroes NFT in the lineup that can enter the challenge.

Brief information about each dungeon is as follow:

  1. HSP Dungeon:

  • 1 free challenge per day, a large amount of HSP will be rewarded

  • Cannot purchase ticket for further challenge

  1. Weapon Dungeon: Coming Soon

  2. Equipment Dungeon: Coming Soon

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