About the Game

Let our journey begins!

Hellven's Gate is the pioneering work of Hellven Metaverse's exploration and development in the field of blockchain games. In Hellven's Gate, users can create new identities and avatars by holding at least one of the initial 10,010 Genesis NFTs.

They can then be reborn into the first multiplayer online role-playing game (RPG) of the Hellven Metaverse ecosystem, where players can communicate with each other and fight alongside members of the global community on a journey through the seven realms of seven different races and elements.

Hellven's Gate uses blockchain technology to build a world between virtual and reality and will also be the first RPG application scenario for the initial 10,010 Hellven Genesis NFTs. After the release of Genesis NFT, Hellven's Gate will open for internal testing.

Hellven's Gate is a 3v3 turn-based tactical game where each player takes turns using the hero skills and using the enemys’ mistakes guiding their hero to victory. Inspired by traditional tactical games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, or Age of Wonders, Hellven's Gate aims to combine real strategic experience with blockchain technology, allowing players to fully experience the essence of both. Players around the world will play Holy Trinity in Hellven's Gate, traversing the land of Hellven, uncovering hidden secrets, and bringing peace to the world. During this journey, players can continuously adjust their lineups, upgrade their heroes, find valuable equipment, and even upgrade them to enhance each character.

From learning the story through battles to improving tactical skills through intense ranking or championship battles, this game has many levels of experience. Each level has different challenges, allowing players to explore and experiment with different mechanisms.

March forward! A journey into the Metaverse awaits!

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