Instead of pursuing natural talents, these people learn to be the master of martial arts and knowledge. The Monks find inner strength to achieve “stances”, which is inspired by animals in nature and gives them enhancement in each attack to be launched. The Monks are to be feared in close-combat. They have the privilege and respect from most men on Hellven, and are allowed to cross borders in order to spread their wisdom.

Monk is the fist of the people. The Monks believe that you do not need gifts or talents to reach the highest potential, but what you can accomplish while reaching within and pushing the limit of your mind and body. Hence, they live a closed life, reaching for Enlightenment while practicing martial arts as well as learning philosophy of life. Some say Monk can read your thoughts and speak to animals. The Monks protect temples, shrines and train juveniles during their lifespan. Unlike Knights, the Monks do not prioritize the Royals or do not take any order to protect, Monk uses their skill to settle arguments or fights on the streets, capture thieves, and protect the city. They do not compete for ranks or titles but for mere and genuine intention of greater good.

Available in: Steamborg, Angel, Human, Elf

List of Monk's Skills:

Monk is specialized in close combat with high physical damage

Permanent Passive: Always + 17% Damage

  1. Dragon Stance (Passive): Basic attack has 17% chance to inflict Disarm for 2 turns

  2. Tiger Stance (Passive): Basic attack has 17% chance to inflict Pierce for 3 turns

  3. Bear Stance (Passive): Basic attack has 17% chance to inflict Stun for 1 turn

  4. Buddhist Strike (Active): When activate, channeling for 1 turn, dealing 50 Damage and inflicting Fear to all enemies in the Area for 1 turn

  5. Shadowless Kick (Passive): After 3 turns, the next basic attack will inflict DISARM for 1 turn

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