AR Technology

We don't like the idea of a metaverse as depicted by companies like Meta (Facebook) where people put on the hardware, mask their senses, and replace reality with digital art.

We're more optimistic about AR-based metaverses of reality that encourage people to explore the outdoors and reconnect with other people. Hellven Utopia is by no means a virtual world for people to escape from reality and indulge in it. On the contrary, it will connect reality and serve the digital transformation of various traditional industries. As a bridge connecting the physical world and the metaverse, AR technology is an important part of Hellven Utopia.

As far as AR equipment is concerned, since AR is part of the XR concept, from the original intention of XR technology (to realize the evolution of the network from a two-dimensional plane to a three-dimensional space), AR glasses are the most perfect solution at present. Because in the ideal design, it is thin, light and wearable, and it has great technical possibilities.

Hellven Utopia will use industry-leading high-precision modeling, virtual-real fusion rendering, positioning tracking, and intelligent interaction technology, combined with AR glasses, to achieve an augmented reality experience with centimeter-level accuracy and millisecond-level delay. The unique AR experience, combining reality and reality, immerses players in it.

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