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This chapter will briefly introduce about one of the important assets of the game: Hero NFT. All NFT Heroes will be unique in both appearance and skill set

Noted that skills are subtle to changes due to balancing purpose

In order to defeat the army of the Demon King and become the savior of Hellven, the player will need to select 3 of the best heroes to create the Holy Trinity among thousand of champions in the land of Hellven. Unlike any other story, the Holy Trinity of Hellven can have different identities with different races, sins, classes and even the elementals that they use. The diversity will help player create unimaginable combination of team comp with unique interaction and combos.

  • Quantity: Expected to be 6600 ~ 7000.

  • A Hero NFT (Character) is consist of 4 attributes: Race, Class, Sin, Elemental

Each of these attributes (except Elemental) will have a Skill Pool, so each Hero will randomly have a total 3 skills from those Skill Pools. The Hero NFT has to include those 3 skills. These attributes will also affect the art which is the Avatar of the NFT.

There are 2 types of Heroes in Hellven, which are: Free Hero and NFT Hero

Free Hero

Free Hero is the way Hellven incentivizes players to try out and experience by giving away Free Hero for accounts as long as they complete these following steps:

How to obtain 3 free heroes (rarity common)

  1. Every player automatically gain a free hero when they first logged-in

  2. The second one can be obtained by depositing 200 HVG into the game

  3. The third one can be obtained by filling in referral code that will be distributed on Twitter or Discord

Noted that every account has it own referral code that can be used by other users. Each referral code can only be used once every day.

Free Hero has some minors characteristics differences than an NFT Hero:

  • Free Hero only has common rarity

  • The maximum level for Free Hero is 20

  • Free Hero uses Energy system, maximum is 10

  • Cannot be sold, trade or rent on marketplace

  • Cannot be used for Inheritance and Replacement

NFT Hero

NFT Hero is the main types of Heroes that will be used in Hellven. There are a lot of advantages of NFT Hero over Free Hero including:

  • NFT Hero has full 4 rarities

  • Maximum level for NFT Hero is 60

  • Use Age system, maximum is 70

  • Can be sold, trade or rent on marketplace

  • Can be used for Inheritance, Replacement or Rejuvination

Futher information can be found in:

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Hero Level

While traveling across Hellven, your heroes can be come stronger and level up through different in-game activities. Each activities will grant heroes different amount of EXP depend on the difficulty.

After gathering enough EXP, a hero will level up. Heroes will gain different amount of Stat points depend on their Rarity (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary). After that, player can decide to distribute these points into whichever Primary Stats that they want to upgrade their characters. Choose your Stat wisely to build the perfect heroes for your team comp and playstyle.

The maximum level of a hero is 120


The rarity of a hero will be decided by its base stat. Higher rarity hero will receive more stat points than the lower one when leveled up, which accelerate their development while traveling across Hellven

Below are the amount of attribute points a hero will receive when level up depend on their rarity:

Rarity Stat Points









Rarity of heroes is divided as follows:

Rarity Percentage










One of the thing that makes Hellven Gate unique is that we allow our player to decide the growth of their characters by tweaking the Stats System. With this system, the player and their heroes will not be limited by any boundaries or stereotype. A mage can be a tank by increasing their STR to enhance their HP and Armor

Further information can be found below:



Age is a new exclusive system for NFT Hero only. As we want to make Hellven as similar and stay true to real life as possible, every NFT Hero will has age and it will work as follow:

  • All NFT Hero will start at age 15

  • The maximum age is 70, when reaching this threshold, Hero can no longer be able to be added to Line Up

  • Player can use Rejuvination Potion to revive their Hero at the age of 15 again

  • Every battle, Hero's age will automatically gain 0.2

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