Chapter 3: The Orc

“Hearsay the lore of the 7 races,

Creatures of God, to Hellven they stay

Orc is just Orc, the brawl over brain

With muscle so strong and mouth always complain

Sheer strength and power, how can they be restrained?

An unstoppable force of brutal and pain”

- Tale of the Seven (Orc version)

In Hellven there is a region that no ordinary man would dare to cross. A great dessert which resides in the South East of Hellven, Urrog, is known for its vast but barren and extremely fierce characteristics. Wandering about Urrog are hundreds of thousands sinister bandits, waiting to rob the life out of the unfortunate visitors. Nonetheless, Urrog is no shelter to the abandoned sinners of Hellven. Despite being the worst criminals known to Hellven, these baddies are yet no match for the true villains, the true owner of Urrog, whose name strike fear and terror, The Orcs.

The Orcs possess such a divergent mortal part compared to the others on Hellven. Naturally born with exceptional strength, huge shoulder bones and a large jaws give them a similar vision of the ancient beasts. Their stature is said to be an uncontainable force. Nature of beasts, The Orcs were mostly fearsome and belligerent, they sought for infinite feud - whether it is between each other or any other living creatures crossed their path. Hence, The Orcs have proclaimed the title of “The Mercenaries of Hellven”: they would fight any battles, of any race, for any cause. The Orcs do not demand treasures nor castles. They merely crave for brutality, striving to satisfy their inclination to violence, regardless of right or wrong.

These “Mercenaries of Hellven"' are capable of using most weapons, alongside with their strength, The Orcs are a danger to most. They were built physically entirely for wars, however, nothing is ever perfect and undefeatable. Although good in battles, The Orcs are not exactly gifted with magic. They are rather feeble minded, impetuous and endowed in ego. For The Orcs take great pride in fighting to achieve sheer strength, the true definition of brawl or brain.

One might wonder why they are the way they are? This was meant to be a secret of the Gods but this humble storyteller will unveil the dark truth about the origin of the Orcs. These warmongers were once called vulgar, the ones who were never blessed with the grace of sunlight, people who were abandoned by Gods. They were born at the bottom, a rotten fruit by the outcast sinners. These poor souls have learned to take before they can give, to fight but not to forgive, to steal and to kill in order to survive, let alone what is right or wrong - in a world where only survival matters. Having lived a life of misfortune, they often lose their last chance to go home in some dark alley, completely forgotten.

Hence, even after recarinated to Hellven as The Orcs - they carry with them quite a lot of those defining traits. As the second most populous race in Hellven after Humans, The Orcs live in distinctive tribes throughout Urrog. Given their nature of power and violence thirsts, these tribes do not share a harmonious relationship. The chiefs here can only be called disheartened when considering a truce with each other - and this often takes place when the power dynamic between them has not been properly set in Roz Loldrar.

Roz Loldrar, also known as The Hell Pit Colosseum.

The legacy of The Orcs, the symbol of their beliefs, where the ordinary man would want to witness, but not to attend. Roz Loldrar is a grand arena, built to make a spectacle of God-like strength and toughness of The Orcs. This is where the tribes will resolve their conflicts using fists and violence. There are no rules in Roz Loldhar, only “Survival of the Fittest”. The Orcs would fight each other to death here.

Roz Loldhar is bloody, horrifying and spreads an obnoxious sense that would haunt your dreams for life. From a distance, the whole arena resembles the jaws of The Orcs themselves, much like the mouth of a giant monster filled with spikes, eager to swallow it all. The area was fortified with layers of stones, woods, and iron interspersed. The most absurd component of Roz Loldhar would be the skulls of the one who perished in the area - many layers of skulls displayed for the viewing pleasure of the victors. In the midst of the scorching sun of the desert, the sound of cheers, clashing metal and painful howls of the defeated paint an unforgettable image of those who dare to cross paths with the Orcs, as its name suggested.

As the infamous Mercenary of Hellven, the Orcs are not the first in other races' likeness. However, it does not seem to bother them at all. As a matter of fact, they seem to enjoy and take great advantage of it. The Orcs mean to find ways to challenge, and provoke other races from kidnapping people, raiding villages to sometimes even getting into fight with the Devils to display their indomitable power. This, of course, was unpleasant to the leaders of other races; however, knowing the Orc’s superior power, they tended to avoid a full-fledged conflict with them at all cost. Instead, they set out to take advantage of the Orcs, being such simple-minded creatures, by using them on the battlefield instead of their own people. With other races, Orcs are no more than just sacrificial objects. With the Orcs, that is exactly what they want and need.

Orcs have contributed greatly, leading to the victory of the people during the battle of Hellven Gate. Their fearless trait and sheer immense power was a punch in the Demon King’s pride. Returning from the war, Orcs still do what they do the best, which is tormenting the inferiors. However, the way they do it has changed. Instead of just finding a reason to provoke others, for some unknown reasons, Orcs now run rampant across Hellven, brutally murder and destroy anything on their path. After they left, there was only carnage.

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