Gluttony, the Sin that represents the thirst and eternal hunger for immeasurable amounts of foods and delicacies. Gluttony was born to weaken the power of the heroes of Hellven by destroying their own sacred temple - the body

List of Gluttony's Skills:

  1. Obesity (Passive): -10% Speed of all enemies

  2. Food Poisoning (Passive): Basic attack has 17% chance to inflict Poisonous for 1 turn

  3. Sluggish (Active): When activate, deal 50 damage and inflict 15% Slow to all enemies in the Area for 3 turns

  4. Blunder (Active): When activate, deal 40 damage and inflict 50% Blind in Self Area to all enemies for 1 turn

  5. Indigestion (Passive): After 3 turns, the next basic attack will inflict Sleep to an enemy for 1 turn

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