The Ecosystem

Hellven's goal is to create an ecosystem composed of Genesis NFT, Game, Social Space, Community and DAO, which together make up the core of Hellven. Genesis NFT is the token for entry into Hellven and the key to unlocking Hellven's Gate, making it the center of the entire ecosystem.

Games are another key component of Hellven, providing users with rich entertainment and interactive experiences. Tokens are the digital currency within the ecosystem and can be used to purchase game items, enter games, and more. Social Space is the virtual world that users can explore, which contains rich scenes and elements. Community is the social network of Hellven, where users can communicate and share each other. Finally, DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization used to manage and operate the Hellven ecosystem, which is jointly managed and operated by users. These elements together form a dynamic and innovative ecosystem that provides endless possibilities for players.

In addition, the Hellven Metaverse ecosystem will develop in the direction of including multiple Metaverse applications. Here, different forms of applications such as games, social spaces, and community organizations will be developed, among which Hellven's Gate is the first game within the ecosystem.

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