7 Elementals

This chapter will introduce about the fourth attributes of every NFT Hero: Elementals.

This system is designed to create the perfect harmony among heroes, allowing the weaker hero to have a slight advantage against much stronger one

Further information related to the development of this system will be updated constantly on all of our platforms

7 Elementals are the essential parts of the magic in Hellven. Citizen of Hellven are born with the ability to use elementals for daily tasks and even during combat to counter each other. With that spirit, we want players to use elemental system as a strategic decision to counter each other team comp

The design of this system:

  • There are 7 Elementals including: Fire, Water, Plant, Earth, Metal, Light and Dark

  • Unlike other systems like Class, Race or Sin, this system will not provide players with any skill. Instead, this system will work as hidden passive of a hero and will only have interaction if the requirement is met

  • As shown above, each of them can overwhelm one and weaken by another except Light and Dark (These two will interact directly with each other only). For example: Fire will deal more damage to Plant but receive more damage from Water

  • Elementals will be randomly assigned to heroes when they are summoned and cannot be changed

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