Though they are unable to reverse death, their talent allows them to heal and protect people from certain damage, especially in combat. Priests evolved from being a healer to someone who controls the enhancement power, buffing and casting magic to make their teammates stronger. A team comp will not be able to deal damage without the healing of a Priest. A Priest's sole mission is to enhance its teammates, keeping them alive while dealing more damage to the enemy through their buffs

Priest was originally a healer, later developed to be a messenger of the churches. The Angels were the first one to establish a profession named Priest, given their natural angelic and magic talents. However, other races have discovered that the gift of healing does not only come to those who were born with it - but can also be achieved through learning and practicing patiently. Most of the skillful Priests live a long time, they heal wounds and treat the patient within the cities or the villages that they are in. Priests are also highly needed in the markets as they understand medicine and are able to craft those from scratch. Priests gather into circles to study and practice together. They appear to be kind hearted but hold on to many secrets, as people come to them searching for help.

List of Priest's Skills:

Priest is specialized in protecting and healing during combat

Permanent Passive: Always + 17% Mana

  1. Holy Blessing (Active): When activate, heal 50 HP for an ally

  2. Illuminate (Buff): When activate, inflict Blind and Sillence on an enemy for 1 turn

  3. Devine Shield (Buff): When activate, grant Status Immune on an ally for 2 turns

  4. Healing Rain (Active): When activate, heal 40 HP for all allies in Self Area

  5. Forbiden Word (Active): When activate, channeling for 1 turn, inflict Sillence on all enemies for 2 turns

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